House Blend
House Blend
House Blend
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House Blend

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Our House Blend is inspired by the Turkish tradition of using an everyday table spice to liberally sprinkle over dishes. It’s best used as a finishing flavour – a little like salt or pepper – and makes pretty much everything taste better. 


The House Blend is a mixture of Turkish pul bibers: Aleppo pul biber for hot-fruity notes, Urfa pul biber to bring a smokiness to the party, and then cured sumac for a tangy, lemony finish. It’s a Holy Trinity which tastes incredible on avocado toast or Turkish eggs. Try stirring through grains, sprinkling over feta or halloumi and using it to finish roasted meat and vegetables. 


As well as tasting great, our House Blend is a healthy way of introducing a whack of flavour through spices, instead of turning straight to salt. Pop a pot on your kitchen table and you’ll soon discover just how versatile it is. They say that parents shouldn’t have a favourite child ... but if we were forced to pick a single tin, we’d both reach for the House Blend every time ...   


TikTok's 'Baked Feta Pasta'
Dover Sole cooked in House Blend Butter
Lemon Feta and Za'atar Twists
Turkish Eggs with Yoghurt

"Tavuk Sis" Grilled Chicken Skewers

Allspice roast chicken with slow-roasted garlic and za'atar yoghurt

Sourdough Egg + House Blend

HOW TO: House Blend (seven super-speedy recipes using the House Blend)

Courgette & Feta Salad

Aleppo pepper pul biber, Urfa pepper pul biber, cured sumac (ground sumac cured with lemon salt), sunflower oil

Our House Blend only contains a small percentage of salt, making it a healthier alternative to straight table salt. What’s more, the main ingredient, capsaicin, which is found in chillies is thought to boost the metabolism, burn calories and satiate appetites.  
Studies also indicate that eating spicy foods on a regular basis may reduce mortality rates, for more information click HERE