Sumac Berries (Ground)
Sumac Berries (Ground)
Sumac Berries (Ground)
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Sumac Berries (Ground)

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Sumac is a sour and tangy spice which has benefited from 'The Ottolenghi Effect’. Though it's often used as one of many ingredients in a salad, it is a fantastic finishing spice, used like a tangy-sharp salt to finish grilled meats or roasted vegetables or a dish of homemade hummous. 

Think of it as a lemon substitute, using sumac's sharp tang as a souring agent ... though you'll notice how the ground powder dances on the tongue, making it a unique spice. 


Our ground sumac comes from the berries of Turkish sumac trees. It's great in Middle Eastern style dishes like chickpea salads and is also a key ingredient in Palestine's national dish: chicken musakhan. Once you've got to grip with the flavour profile there's nothing to stop you getting experimental – from sumac squid to sumac-salted chocolate truffles. 


ALSO KNOWN AS: Sumach, rhus typhina 


'Lahmacun' Flatbread with Lamb + Tomatoes
Spiced Hummous
Spiced Chickpeas
Sumac Blackened Salmon
Roasted Halloumi & Citrus Salad
Syrian Spaghetti with Pomegranate & Lentils
Saida Sausage Rolls
Chickpea Salad

Our sumac comes from Turkey, where the berries are grown in beautiful, torch shaped clusters which become sticky as they ripen. The sumac berries are picked, dried and ground according to traditional preparation.  

Ground sumac should be stored in a dark, airtight container, to retain its claret-red colour and tangy flavour. 

Ground sumac is loaded with antioxidants. Though more studies need to be done, there’s evidence that sumac may lead to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease among participants with Type 2 Diabetes. To read more, click HERE.  

Ground sumac